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Park easily and conveniently in car parks without the need for tickets!

qinkk is the first app with which you can use car parks without tickets. And its really simple! Install the qinkk app and conveniently take care of the entire parking procedure using your smartphone – and benefit from the many special tariffs as well.

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Park at the push of a button

Enter | Pay | Leave – just by clicking! Now possible thanks to the free qinkk app!

No more manoeuvring around at the entrance trying to get to the ticket button. No complicated balancing of your purchases at the paystation in order to insert the right coins. No irritating searching for your ticket just before the exit barrier.

See for yourself how simple parking is with qinkk.

Parking with qinkk in 3 steps

  • Parking app qinkk - ticketless entry

    Ticketless entry

    Once you have successfully downloaded the qinkk app, activate the Bluetooth signal on your smartphone before setting off. As soon as you approach a car park with a qinkk connection, an appropriate message will be displayed. By clicking on the OK button you can conveniently drive into the required car park without a ticket.

  • Parking app qinkk - ticketless payment


    As soon as you approach the paystation in the car park, you can confirm the amount to be paid via qinkk, which is then transmitted to the paystation that you are standing in front of. Pay the displayed parking fee and then go straight to your car.

    Small tip: In order to make parking even easier for you we are working on making it possible to pay the parking fee directly via the qinkk app.

  • Parking app qinkk - ticketless exit

    Have a good trip!

    Leave the car park by simply clicking on the OK button at the exit.

Our suggestion box

We want to make parking even easier with qinkk. For this reason, we come up with new ideas almost every day, which we develop, try out and test. For example, our developers are currently working on the Android version and the integration of a payment function.

Take part, and help us and all other users to make qinkk even better. Our suggestion box is a place where you can deposit your requirements and suggestions. We would be pleased if you would help us to design the future of parking

Suggestion box

How does qinkk work?

The free qinkk app is based on so-called "beacon technology". The beacon acts as a signal transmitter, which communicates with the installed app on the smartphone via Bluetooth. Each beacon only transmits a single item of stored information.

If the user drives into a car park that is equipped with beacon technology and approaches the "Entrance" beacon with his smartphone, for example, the entry request is indicated to qinkk.

qinkk reacts immediately and asks the user whether he would like to enter. If this is confirmed by clicking on the OK button, the barrier opens.

We want to make parking simpler!

Do you have any questions, or would you like to find out more about the background of qinkk? Just contact us. Just use our suggestion box for any requests, ideas or suggestions!

We grow together!

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